High Frequency & Microwave PCBs

High Frequency & Microwave PCBs
  • High frequency & microwave material with well controlled low loss dielectric constant.
  • Superior mechanical, electrical properties.
  • High reliability for complex multi layer board constructions.
  • Low thermal coefficient of dielectric constant.
  • Excellent dimensional stability & stable performance.
  • Ideal for applications sensitive to temperature change.
  • Low ‘Z’ axis expansion.
  • Ideal for Space applications.
  • Power Back planes.
  • Materials are used for various supplies like Rogers, Arlon, Taconic, Isola, etc. including RT / Duroid / Ceramic filled material like Tmm10i.
  • Surface finish with electrolytic soft gold direct on copper with gold thickness of 2-4 microns.
  • Used for Satellite & Communication Systems, Phased Array Antenna, Airborne Radar Systems, etc.