Our Warranty

We guarantee that our products are free of defects and in accordance with the latest technical international standards. In addition, the normal tolerances apply as in accordance with this contract. We warranty our printed circuit boards to perform and pass your final tests for a period of 1 year from the date code.

In the event of any failures / non compliance found at the bare board stage we will replace the boards at no cost typically within 2 weeks and in case of the quantity being large we will replace at least your minimum requirements within 2 weeks and balance within 3 weeks. In the event of failures / non compliance detected during assembly and found to be related to the board we will compensate upto 5 times the board cost. Once the board pass your final tests our warranty stands fulfilled.

Conditional for every warranty is the customer’s prompt fulfilment of his part of contract, in particular his payment obligations. No warranty is given for any alterations or repairs he undertaken by the customer himself. All warranty claims are subject to a limited period of 12 months under the status of limitations from the date code.