Structure & Guiding Principles

A) Capital Adequacy :

  • Do business on cash flow & No liabilities basis using realised Internal Accruals for Capital expenditure & Equity Buy backs.
  • Perpetually retain the financial Reserve for opportunities by having a Liquid Balance Sheet & keep all expense provisions supported by fixed deposits.
  • Creditors only for Capital Expenditure.

B) Asset Quality :
I) Manpower :

  • Motivated and involved Management Team professionally working with passion and committed for the long haul to fiercely complete and achieve ever increase goals.
  • Multi-skilled and Multifunctional abilities at all levels.
  • Open and clear spoken and written communication, internal and external.
  • Complete mutual support, no follow up required & to ensure each person’s output gives boost to the other.
  • Clear job clarity & career path with half yearly reviews and annual appraisals.
  • Constant training & grooming by each person to there team members.

II) Manufacturing :

  • Final yields of 98% on SS, 96% on DS & 94% on MLB & FPY of 85%.
  • OTDD of 99% by value and area & max 1 day late on no more than 1% of the orders by area.
  • Cycle time of DS 4 days, 4L 7 days, 6L 6 days & continuously reducing.
  • SOP/QA/WRP in every area and constantly update them.
  • Judiciously and continuously invest and implement “LEAN MANUFACTURING” concepts and reduce rework, inspection, interim process steps and achieve quick-change overs.
  • Constantly search for good used equipments.
  • Smooth Factory & Departmental layout for convenient material movement.
  • Achieve average age of key of machines to be under 6 years in 3 years.
  • Good clean Housekeeping & Environment friendly operations, review factory security annually.

III) Material :

  • Inventory level of 25 days
  • Minuscule Import and Export Clearing Charges.
  • Annual purchase cost reduction of 10% in “A” material & 15% in “B” &”C” material.
  • Continuously develop new vendors & AMC contractors.

IV) Marketing :

  • A process in place to get through customer insight, to develop high value, added customer offerings and keep up through customer interaction.
  • A wide customer base with top 4 customers to account for only 25% of sales & no customer more than 8%.
  • 2 months order backlog.
  • Constantly generate new MLB customers Prospects & contacts and access better priced markets and get timely paying customers through an active sales force & representatives network.

V) Accounts :

  • Capitalise only machines.

VI) R & D :

  • Continuously absorb and consolidate technology and offer new “Golden” products and new finishes & move up the PCB layer count to reach a 60% Gross Margin.
  • Clear Technology Road map for rolling two years.

C) Management Philosophy :

  • Earn daily, remain austere & transparent & govern with values, financially conservative & low profile, never compromise on quality, have clarity of role & accountability & measurable milestones & goals, follow best practices, open office, meticulous filing, detailed MIS, no work backlog, track every panel, rupee and man hour, perform to budgets with good internal controls & internal audit.
  • True board of directors’ participation with board package sent 7 days prior to quarterly board meetings.
  • To become more web enabled – web site, Online status, Engg. Data transfer & a less paper environment.
  • Well – defined forums for all other areas.
  • No employee will accept nor ask for any financial consideration/gifts for personal use from any Agency.
  • To have a work place that is pleasant and gives an enjoyable working experience.

D) Earning Capability :

  • Work towards putting in place a Sustainable Competitive Advantage (of product and of serviceable markets) than can be executed in the coming years to ensure sustainable Annual Net Profit growth of 60%.

E) Liquidity :

  • Timely paying customers and receivables to be at 30 days.