Our Aspirations

  • Our Aspiration for Fine-Line is to be a Performance Driven, Reliable, Continuously Improving, High Quality, Medium Volume independent manufacturer, exporter” Pleasing customer 100%” in the complex High Count Multilayer PCB.
  • To achieve true & sustainable MIL Approval & ISO 9001:2000.
  • To have a manufacturing base in each of the major market served by the company.

Our Business

  • To complete in the world markets by continuously improving capability to handle higher PCB complexity (thinner lines & smaller holes) and gear up for smaller lot sizes and shorter lead times and border range of materials & finishes all at a continuously reducing selling price.

Our Vision

  • Our Vision for Fine-Line is to be a Reliable, Quality, Volume Manufacturer, Exporter, “Pleasing Customers 100%” in the Complex High Count Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards and gear up for smaller lot sizes and shorter lead times with broader range of Materials and Finishes.

Our Quality Policy

  • Fine-Line Circuits commit itself to manufacture and deliver defect free PCB’s to manufacturing industries by continually upgrading the Services, Process capability, Product range, and with a constant customer focus shall achieve customer satisfaction.

On Board PCBs

  • PTFE Material including Rogers TMM, 5000 Series & 6000 Series
  • With or Without Copper Backup
  • Superior Mechanical, Electrical & Thermal Properties
  • Surface Finish including Electrolytic Soft Gold (2-8 micron) Direct on Copper
  • Excellent Surface Smoothness for Optimal Skin Effect Performance
  • Burr Free Route Edges
  • Excellent Dimensional Accuracy
  • Legacy of Space Applications since 2016 including Satellite Communication Systems, Antenna Systems, Air Borne Radar Systems, etc.
  • ISRO SAC Certificates

High Frequency & Microwave PCBs

  • Material with Low Loss DK
  • Materials includes those of Rogers (3K, 4K, 5K, 6K & TMM), Panasonic (Megtron), Taconic (TLY), Arlon (AD Series), ISOLA (Astra), X77, etc.
  • Superior Mechanical, Electrical & Thermal Properties
  • Variety of Hybrid Multilayer Stack-ups
  • Power Back Panels
  • Embedded Cu, AL Cores
  • Surface Finish include 1 to 4 um Gold of Copper, ENIG, Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver, Electro-Deposited Tin
  • Applications include Aerospace Systems, Naval Systems, Medical Equipments, Explosion Protection, High End Instrumentation, High End Industrial

Multilayer Cavity PCBs

  • Variety of Cavities Varying in Depth, Shape & Size
  • Inner Layer Pads Visible from Outside
  • Enabling Embedded Component Assembly to the PCB Height

Rigid Flex PCBs

  • Polyamide Materials including Dupont AP Series
  • Three Dimensional Inter Connect Capability
  • Combining the Advantages of Both PCBs in One Circuit Board Offers Several Benefits such as Reducing Size of the Assemblies and Enabling 3D Installation of PCBs in Assembly
  • Offering for Application Reliability in Demanding Applications & Complex Board Designs
  • Strong Electrical, Mechanical, Physical & Thermal Properties
  • Uniform Thickness & Dimensional Stability
  • Higher Heat Dissipation Properties
  • Heat Management in Electrical Assemblies
  • Military & High Reliable Commercial Applications
  • Used in Missile, Space, Automotive, Medical, Computers, etc.

  • Oversized PCBs for Antenna Application
  • Materials include PTFE & FR4
  • Finishes include Gold on Copper, HAL, Immersion Tin
  • Very Tight PHT Tolerance -/+ 2 mil for Press-Fit Connectors
  • Back Panels with Higher Thickness upto 5.5mm with HAL Finish
  • Backplane Multilayer Oversized PCBs

High Copper Board

  • Multilayer PCBs upto 6 Oz Outer Layer Copper Finish 4 Oz Inner Layer Finish
  • Strengthened Lamination Process for the High Copper Inner Layers
  • PTH Copper Wall upto 45 microns
  • PCBs will be Completely Compliant with the Thermal Integrity Requirements
  • MEC Chemical Clean Process gives Better Solder Mask Adhesion to the Track Wall

  • High Count Multilayer upto 24 Layers
  • Sequential Lamination for Blind & Buried Vias
  • BGA with Via-in-Pad Technology with Cap Plating
  • Variety of Impedance (Single & Differential) with -/+ 5%
  • Finishes include HAL, LF HAL, ENIG, Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver, Soft Gold on Copper, Hard Gold, Electrolytic Tin, Electrolytic Nickel
  • Process Board from 0.5 mm to 5.50 mm

Single & Double Sided PCBs

  • Embedded Material are from Omega Ply & Ticer
  • Embedded Resistance, Capacitor & Inductance as per Design Requirements

  • High Multilayer count and high complex boards upto 24 layers.
  • Sequential lamination for blind and buried vias.
  • Hybrid circuits with FR4 material with PTFE material.
  • Multilayers are with various RF materials like FR4, PTFE, Polyimide, Ceramic filled materials, etc.
  • Boards are with BGA via hole filled / via in pads with cap plating.