Familiarisation Programme For Independent Directors

The Board members (Independent and Non-Independent) are provided with necessary information and opportunity to familiarize themselves with the Company, its management and its operations and Industry issues.

All documents sought by them are provided for enabling a good understanding of the Company, its various operations and the industry of which it is a part.

Orientation Programme on Induction of New Directors:

  1. A presentation consisting of a brief introduction to the Group, Corporate profile of the Company and its history, objectives, strategy and plans and the Organisational structure.
  2. Reference to the Code of Independent Directors as per Schedule IV of Companies Act, 2013 is provided and The Code of Conduct for Directors is issued.

Updation of Directors on a Continuing Basis:

  1. In the Board meetings, a quarterly report which includes information on business performance, operations, financial parameters, employee related matters, litigations, and compliances is presented to the Board.
  2. Detailed business-wise presentations are made to the Directors once a year. These include Environment, Health and Safety results and plans, overview of the markets served and the competitive landscape, details of market share, market prices, channel partners, business objectives, results, priorities, plans and risk analysis.

The Directors get the opportunity to visit various Company’s plants, where senior plant heads apprise them of the operational and sustainability aspects of the Units to enable them to have full understanding & appreciation on the activities of the Company.