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Printed Circuit Boards
RF / Microwave PCBs
High Frequency Low Loss PCBs
MLBs with Metallic Heatsink
MLBs with Thick Copper Inner Layer / Outer Layer
MLBs with Blind & Buried Vias
Backplanes with Press Fit Connectors
Impedance Controlled MLBs
Standard Multilayers
4,6,8,10,12,14 & 16 Layers
Double Sided with High Copper
Double Sided with Edge Plating
Double Sided & Single Sided PCBs
Our vision for Fine-Line is to be a Reliable, Quality, Medium Volume Manufacturer, Exporter, “Pleasing Customers 100 %” in the Complex High Count Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards.

To compete in the world markets, we are continuously improving our capabilities to handle higher PCB complexity (thinner lines & smaller holes) and gear up for smaller lot sizes and shorter lead times with broader range of materials and finishes.

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