Our Aspirations

  • Our Aspiration for Fine-Line is to be a Performance Driven, Reliable, Continuously Improving, High Quality, Medium Volume independent manufacturer, exporter” Pleasing customer 100%” in the complex High Count Multilayer PCB.
  • To achieve true & sustainable MIL Approval & ISO 9001:2000.
  • To have a manufacturing base in each of the major market served by the company.

Our Business

  • To complete in the world markets by continuously improving capability to handle higher PCB complexity (thinner lines & smaller holes) and gear up for smaller lot sizes and shorter lead times and border range of materials & finishes all at a continuously reducing selling price.

Our Vision

  • Our Vision for Fine-Line is to be a Reliable, Quality, Volume Manufacturer, Exporter, “Pleasing Customers 100%” in the Complex High Count Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards and gear up for smaller lot sizes and shorter lead times with broader range of Materials and Finishes.

Our Quality Policy

  • Fine-Line Circuits commit itself to manufacture and deliver defect free PCB’s to manufacturing industries by continually upgrading the Services, Process capability, Product range, and with a constant customer focus shall achieve customer satisfaction.

High Frequency & Microwave PCBs

  • High frequency & microwave material with well controlled low loss dielectric constant.
  • Superior mechanical, electrical properties.
  • High reliability for complex multi layer board constructions.
  • Low thermal coefficient of dielectric constant.
  • Excellent dimensional stability & stable performance.
  • Ideal for applications sensitive to temperature change.
  • Low ‘Z’ axis expansion.
  • Ideal for Space applications.
  • Power Back planes.
  • Materials are used for various supplies like Rogers, Arlon, Taconic, Isola, etc. including RT / Duroid / Ceramic filled material like Tmm10i.
  • Surface finish with electrolytic soft gold direct on copper with gold thickness of 2-4 microns.
  • Used for Satellite & Communication Systems, Phased Array Antenna, Airborne Radar Systems, etc.
  • Open Cavity PCBs require a depth controlled cut out to inner layers to air for antenna or compound assay.
  • The use of cavities in a PCB as a method to reduce the height of components or to increase component clearances is a viable technology.
  • Controlled depth drilling.
  • Internal cavities are exposed with Enig Finish.
  • All polyamide based copper lead laminate.
  • Three dimensional capability for interconnects.
  • Combining the advantages of both PCBs in one circuit board offers several benefits such as reducing size of the assemblies and enabling 3D installation of PCBs in assembly.
  • Offering for application reliability in demanding applications and complex board designs.
  • Strong electrical, mechanical, physical and thermal properties.
  • Uniform thickness and dimensional stability.
  • Higher heat dissipation properties.
  • Heat management in electrical assemblies.
  • Military & high reliable commercial applications.
  • Used in Missile, Space, Automotive, Computers, etc.

  • High Multilayer count and high complex boards upto 24 layers.
  • Sequential lamination for blind and buried vias.
  • Hybrid circuits with FR4 material with PTFE material.
  • Multilayers are with various RF materials like FR4, PTFE, Polyimide, Ceramic filled materials, etc.
  • Boards are with BGA via hole filled / via in pads with cap plating.

  • Thicker and longer boards.
  • Very tight PHT tolerance -/+ 2 mil for press-fit connectors.
  • Back panels with higher thickness upto 5.5mm with HAL finish.

High Copper Board

  • RF Microwave materials with 1.0mm thick copper back up.
  • Peck drilling.
  • Control depth drilling.
  • High copper back up for PTFE dielectric.
  • Multi layer boards with 6 oz copper finish.

  • Designed to achieve typical tolerance -/+ 10%.
  • Very tightly controlled wet process.

Single & Double Sided PCBs

  • Processing boards with 0.10 mm to 5.50 mm.
  • Various finishes with ENIG, Immersion Silver, Immersion TIN, Hard Gold, Electrolytic Soft Gold directly on Copper.
  • Normal HAL and Lead Free HAL.
  • Electrolytic TIN.
  • Electrolytic Nickel.